SCAM Thursday, May 29 2014 

Somone is calling residents and saying they are from the New Mexico State Police Department and that if you do not pay $799 you will be arrested.



Updates Saturday, May 24 2014 

Will be using the CAN WordPress page to update issues and situations both in the actual neighborhood and in the City of Santa Fe.  Seeing that in essence all of our various neighborhoods throughout the city amount to one big neighborhood this is the plan.  Also, this site in intended to work in tandem with the “private” sites that are out there.

The new day of citizen participation is coming whether we like it or not.  This is a neighborhood in a city in a state in the United States of America.  Eventually the drug cartels will be assigning a curfew.  Look, there is a way to combat crime and drugs without putting yourself in danger.

More news and updates coming soon.


There goes the neighborhood Wednesday, Oct 16 2013 

Thank you to all those who have been participating over the years to help make our neighborhood a safer and more pleasant place.  Due to the influx and continued drug use and drug commerce it has been no easy task.  Take a moment to talk to a neighbor that you have not met.  Take a moment to observe what is happening and do not hesitate to call in anything that you feel is out of place, unwanted or suspicious in our neighborhood.  Stay positive, be grateful and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.  Please visit Maclovia park once in a while.


Alert: Missing Person: Karra Coriz, 15, 5’4″, 145lbs, Brown eyes, pink/red hair. Last seen at Capital High School. Wednesday, Sep 4 2013 

Alert: Missing Person: Karra Coriz, 15, 5’4″, 145lbs, Brown eyes, pink/red hair. Last seen at Capital High School.

Hi Casa Alegre Neighborhood,

SANTA FE, N.M. – Karra Coriz, 15, was reporting missing Wednesday, September 4, 2013. She suffers from severe depression and her loved ones are worried about her safety.

Coriz is 5’4” tall, weighs 145 pounds and has brown eyes with red and pink hair. Her last known location was Capital High School where she was spotted around 3 p.m. Tuesday, September 3, 2013.

The teen was last seen wearing blue jeans, a low black Chuck Taylor canvass tennis shoes and carrying a black backpack.


If anyone knows her whereabouts, please call police immediately at 505-428-3710.

4th Annual Potluck Sunday, Sep 1 2013 

4th annual potluck September 8.  Ask a neighbor for details.  Also sign into Nextdoor Casa Alegre for details.  There may be a September part at Maclovia park as well.  Everyone invited to both events.


Corruption Issues Saturday, Aug 17 2013 

SFPD closing in on drug connections in Casa Alegre Nighborhood.  Corruption issues being addressed. Big money will not continue to be protected at the expense of our neighborhood.

SFPD’s Most Wanted Tuesday, Jun 25 2013



Enrico Barbee Peggy Becerra-Armijo Adrian Fierro

5’9” – 160 lbs 4’11 – 150 lbs 5’10” – 200 lbs

Brn Hair – Brn Eyes Bro Hair – Bro Eyes Bro Hair – Bro Eyes

Receiving/Transferring Burglary (Attempted) Residential Burglary

M49MR201201117 M49FR201300054 D0101CR20120425

Bryan Clukey Selvin Lopez-Reyes Benny Mendiola

5’9” – 160 lbs 5’5” – 130 lbs 5’8” – 180 lbs

Bro Hair – Hzl Eyes Bro Hair – Bro Eyes Bro Hair – Bro Eyes

Burglary (Commercial) Residential Burglary Burglary/Shoplifting

D0101CR20120280 M49FR201300197 M49FR201300413 & 427

Tyler Shrader John Valdez Patrick Gutierrez

6”1” – 190 lbs 5’9” – 160 lbs 5’8” – 145 lbs

Bro Hair – Blu Eyes Bro Hair – Bro Eyes Bro Hair – Bro Eyes

Disposing Stolen Prop Residential Burglary Residential Burglary

Casa Alegre Neighborhood Gravatar Thursday, Jun 20 2013 

Casa Alegre Neighborhood Gravatar

Missing Child Found Thursday, Jun 20 2013 

The Missing Child (Brendan Critzer) has been located and is Safe.  Disregard the “Missing Child Press Release” again the missing child has been located and is safe.

Thank you all.

Early 2013 bills take aim at corruption, drunken driving – Mobile edition Sunday, Dec 30 2012

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