Property Crime on Rosina Street Sunday, Dec 9 2012 

On December 6 on or near the 2000 block of Rosina Street, a property crime occurred indicating or relating to fraud.  Miscellaneous  items stolen from offices on the 1300 block of Maclovia Street.  Needles and other drug paraphernalia located on private property throughout various areas of the neighborhood including in one residence’s mailbox.  Violent offense occurred on or near Maclovia Street Park within the last 2 weeks.  Drug users seen driving around the neighborhood looking for drugs to purchase.  Five vehicles logged into CAN database in case they are connected to a property crime.


Monthly Meetings Replaced with Saturday Patrols Monday, Oct 1 2012 

The monthly meetings seem less productive than the Saturday patrols.  We are alternating Saturdays, some mornings, some evenings patrolling and observing the goings on in the “hood”.  We are taking names and numbers and PHOTOS.  If you want to cruise through the Casa Alegre Neighborhood, down into Gallegos lane to get your drugs, your vehicle will be photographed and your license plate will be called in to Dispatch.  The regular folk here are not in the illicit drug trade.  Take your business elsewhere.  We know who you are.  We know about your sales of drugs from your government housing, your car and your bike.  We are taking back our neighborhood from YOU.

Please do not think that you are protected by your day job, your cousin or family member that has a job in on the police force or works for the State or the bank.  Everything is changing.  It is time to make a decision about how important it is for you to throw your life away and hurt others in the process.  If you are an addict, the time has come to face your demons, get help and turn your life around.  The devil is right outside your door with a list of endless promises.  He does not like being denied but he is also blinded by the light of a true life which means you become automatically protected.  Your job is to protect the children growing up in New Mexico, not hurt them by peddling drugs.  Drugs Hurt Kids.  Have a good day.

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Gallegos Lane Tuesday, Jul 17 2012 

The Hearbeat of drug dealing in Casa Alegre.  It’s not really anyones fault.  Maybe the education system in America.  Anyhow, we can try to wear them down slowly by continously reporting suspicious vehicles and activity in our neighborhood until hopefully they move.  Drug use in America is an epidemic.  Don’t think it’s just here.

Other news:

Recent crimes in Casa Alegre:

09 Jul 2012
1200 Block APACHE AVE
Ientifier: 121910577(CFS)
 12 Jul 2012
1100 Block OSAGE AVE
Identifier: 121940402(CFS)
 05 Jul 2012
1000 Block OSAGE AVE
Identifier: 121870055(CFS)
05 Jul 2012
1300 Block MACLOVIA ST
Identifier: 121870137(CFS)
01 Jul 2012
1200 Block APACHE AVE
Identifier: 121830441(CFS)
23 Jun 2012
1200 Block VITALIA ST
Identifier: 121750328(CFS)
01 Jul 2012
1300 Block LUJAN ST
Identifier: 121830013(CFS)
Hopefully this is motivation to get involved, leave comments, send emails, sometimes it becomes very helpful and WE NEED THE INVOLVMENT OF ONE EXTRA PERSON.  LET IT BE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
This guy does not care about you, your posessions, your house, your family, your life.  His friends are robbing our homes and stealing the value and enjoyment from our lives.  Take action.  Stand up and fight for what you believe this world should be.

Yukky News Thursday, Jul 12 2012 

A break in occurred on the 1300 block of Maclovia Stree on July 4th,  A tan cash box, a watch and a titanium ring were taken.  The police report for the crime made it on the crime map but NOT in the Crime Notes of the New Mexican!!!???

On Monday July 9, a woman leaned in through the open window of a house on the 1300 block of Maclovia street asking the residents if they could help her get some medication for a kid with asthma.

Recently a man was seen hunched over at the picnic table at Maclovia Park.  Eventually paramedics had to be called.

Recently a blue 80’s model 2 door Chevy, Tag 079PPM was reported speeding on Rosina.

Today 7-12-12 an office was seen pulling over a male drive in a grey non-descript vehicle.  Picture below.








911 vs. Nixle Monday, Jul 9 2012 

Media Contact:  Ken Martinez, RECC, (505) 992-3096

Register for SantaFe 911 Emergency Communication Notifications

Santa Fe, NM – July 9, 2012 – The Santa Fe Regional Emergency Communications Center (RECC) has implemented an improved Emergency notification system.  SantaFe911 will allow the RECC to send emergency voice, text or email notification messages to Santa Fe City and County residents and businesses.  SantaFe911 will be used by emergency response personnel to notify homes and businesses at risk or in close proximity to emergency events and/or actions (examples: an evacuation resulting from hostage situation or natural disaster). This system will not send notifications about missing persons, meetings, or road closures. 

SantaFe911 uses the Santa Fe County 911 database provided by the local telephone company, which contains both listed and unlisted landline telephone numbers. However, if you do not have a landline or prefer to be notified by email or text you can register cellular telephone numbers and/or email addresses.   SantaFe911 is also TTY/TDD capable.

The web address for Self-Registration is or   The SantaFe911 link is also available on the left side of the homepage on the city’s website.  Subscribers will receive a confirmation message by email after self-subscribing. Subscribers’ information will be kept strictly confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why is it important for me to sign up for this SantaFe911?

SantaFe911 will notify residents in emergency situations only.  Examples of emergency situations are a gas leak, a hostage situation or a weather-related emergency requiring evacuation of a neighborhood.

I have Nixle so why do I need to sign up for SantaFe911?

SantaFe911 is not related to or a part of the Nixle system.  Nixle has the capability of sending out emergency alerts however, agencies often use Nixle to send a wide variety of notifications that are not emergency related.   SantaFe911 will be used for emergencies only. 

What types of alerts will I receive from SatnaFe911?

You will receive emergency notification and information alerts through voice messages, text messages or email messages.

Will my information be sold or shared?

Your information will not be sold or shared, it is strictly confidential and only used to notify you about emergency situation.

Weekend Break-in on Lujan Tuesday, Jul 3 2012 

• Someone stole a Dell laptop, some jewelry and three purses from a house in the 1300 block of Lujan Street between 3:30 p.m. Saturday and 12:40 a.m. Sunday. 

Inexpensive Video Security Sunday, Apr 22 2012 

Inexpensive Video Security – ranging from $80 to $159 each, you can buy wireless, motionactivated web cameras, setting them up in key but discreet positions in your house or office. Taking advantage of your existing Internet connection, these cameras can be configured to send you an email, along with photos, of any motion detected. Excellent for monitoring your place while away, keeping an eye on family or employees, or just watching the pets at home.