IMPORTANT MEETING Tuesday, Jun 11 2013 

City of Santa Fe officials have requested a Neighborhood Meeting to address any concerns and issues with the Casa Alegre Neighborhood area. There will be City Council Members Present as well as representatives from the City Land Use Department, Parks Division, Public Works, and the Police Department to address any questions.  This neighborhood meeting will be held at Frenchy’s Park, 2001 Agua Fria Street, on the North side of Agua Fria Street at Osage Avenue, on Tuesday, June 25, 2013, at 5:30 pm. Everyone is welcome please come with any questions, comments, or concerns.

If you have any questions please contact Celina Westervelt (Santa Fe Police Department PIO) at 955-5075 or

Property Crime on Rosina Street Sunday, Dec 9 2012 

On December 6 on or near the 2000 block of Rosina Street, a property crime occurred indicating or relating to fraud.  Miscellaneous  items stolen from offices on the 1300 block of Maclovia Street.  Needles and other drug paraphernalia located on private property throughout various areas of the neighborhood including in one residence’s mailbox.  Violent offense occurred on or near Maclovia Street Park within the last 2 weeks.  Drug users seen driving around the neighborhood looking for drugs to purchase.  Five vehicles logged into CAN database in case they are connected to a property crime.


Relatively Quiet Wednesday, Nov 28 2012 

Casa Alegre Neighborhood relatively quiet.  It is good to keep up with the pulse of the city news via local news stations on tv, radio and of course the newspaper, particularly the New Mexican for that.

Nov 19 Assault with a deadly weapon 2400 block Maclovia

Nov 16 Burglary 1200 Block Gallegos Lane

Fight 2600 Block Agua Fria Nov 18

Property Crime 1300 Block Maez Nov 22

Nov 23 Theft 2600 Block Cerrillos Road

Nov 20 Theft of Motor Vehicle 2600 Block Cerillos Road

About 8 Disorderly Conducts around the Hood

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Updates Monday, Oct 29 2012 

The India House restaurant, 2501 Cerrillos Road, was burglarized Friday. The police report did not mention property damage or whether anything was stolen.

Reports of a possible medical incident at the far end of Maclovia Street by the park last night.

Be aware of a suspicious Silver Honda cruising neighborhoods, female driver, male occupants, possibly responsible for breaking and entering:

Two males were seen Friday running out of a home in the 1700 block of Medio Street with a television. They fled in a four-door silver Honda driven by a female. A vehicle matching that description, with license plate KNS 874 , was later observed at another residence.

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Neighborhood Quiet Tuesday, Oct 23 2012 

Thanks to the studios work of our Block Capitans, our Capitan’s assistants and the diligent response of the Santa Fe Police Department.  Please be on notice that if you are intending to commit a property crime in the Casa Alegre Neighborhood, you will be reported and arrested.  We have been able to install a number of various crime deterrent devices including cameras, silent alarms, heavy duty door locks and screens.  We are the 99% who work an honest job for a living and simply want to be able to enjoy our beautiful neighborhood.  Thank you.

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Disorder is a good thing Wednesday, Sep 26 2012 

The reason the disorder crime stats may be on the rise in our neighborhood is because we have a lot more helpful neighbors reporting disturbances, more policing and generally more involvement from neighbors.

Assault 1300 Block Declovina Sept 12

Theft 2500 Block of Rosina Sept 13

Theft 1300 Block of Maez Sept 14

Disorder 1300 Block of Maez Sept 15

Disorder 1300 Block Lujan Sept 18

Disorder 1300 Block of Maez Sept 19 x 2

Disorder 1300 Block Maclovia Sept 23


Graffiti Hot Line is somewhat cold…!! :0(

So, please email graffiti concerns to 

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Wow. Tuesday, Sep 25 2012 

I guess our neighborhood watch really did help overall this summer.  Thank you to all the neighbors who were brave enough to literally man the streets and report incidents.  Our “hood” simply became too much trouble for the criminals.  We don’t have statistics yet but it looks like the overall crime rate in the Casa Alegre Neighborhood went way down overall for the summer.  To participate further in our neighborhood program please send an email to

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Amazing Food Monday, Sep 10 2012 

Last night at the 4th annual Neighborhood Potluck, there was GREAT FOOD, wonderful interaction and a chance to meet some new neighbors.  It seems as though the website here has generated some interest.  The discussions leaned toward adding some variety to the site, making it a bit more friendly and reflecting the more the positive side of our neighborhood.  GREAT IDEA.  The more participation we have at every and any level will make our neighborhood more safe and also elevate the good old fashion days of neighbors working together.

By the way, if you missed the Potluck you missed some AMAZING FOOD!!! :0)

Neighborhood Potluck Wednesday, Sep 5 2012 

Dark 4 door Chevy Saturday, Sep 1 2012 

About a week ago a resident who lives on the 1100 block of Osage was watering their lawn when they noticed a dark truck or pickup stop in front of the home of a neighbor who lives across the street.  That neighbor was not home at the time.  The occupants of the dark pickup truck exited the vehicle and began scoping out the nearby vehicles.  At that moment the resident made a point of coughing loudly and realizing they were being watched the people checking the cars ran back to their truck and sped away.

About a week ago a grey Chevy 4 door vehicle was seen on Maclovia Street.  One male exited the Chevy to scope out what was in some nearby business vehicles.  The other occupant remained in the Chevy as a lookout.  A neighbor out for a walk came upon the situation and the man ran back to the Chevy which sped off.

Breaking and entering occurred resulting in burglary, the theft of a cell phone between 615am and 4pm on August 28 on the 1200 block of Maez Road.

Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon occurred on August 28 on the 1300 block of Maez Road.

Sean Gallegos, 605 Grecian Drive, was arrested on charges of assault and concealing identity after someone reported that Gallegos and another man were threatening him with a knife on Cerrillos Road and Maclovia Street at about 10 p.m. Sunday.



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