Updates Monday, Oct 29 2012 

The India House restaurant, 2501 Cerrillos Road, was burglarized Friday. The police report did not mention property damage or whether anything was stolen.

Reports of a possible medical incident at the far end of Maclovia Street by the park last night.

Be aware of a suspicious Silver Honda cruising neighborhoods, female driver, male occupants, possibly responsible for breaking and entering:

Two males were seen Friday running out of a home in the 1700 block of Medio Street with a television. They fled in a four-door silver Honda driven by a female. A vehicle matching that description, with license plate KNS 874 , was later observed at another residence.

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Theft From Vehicle Thursday, Oct 25 2012 

There was a theft from a vehicle on 1200 block of Maclovia Street in the early morning of Thursday, October 24.

Neighborhood Quiet Tuesday, Oct 23 2012 

Thanks to the studios work of our Block Capitans, our Capitan’s assistants and the diligent response of the Santa Fe Police Department.  Please be on notice that if you are intending to commit a property crime in the Casa Alegre Neighborhood, you will be reported and arrested.  We have been able to install a number of various crime deterrent devices including cameras, silent alarms, heavy duty door locks and screens.  We are the 99% who work an honest job for a living and simply want to be able to enjoy our beautiful neighborhood.  Thank you.

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Recent Tuesday, Oct 16 2012 

Theft October 13 1300 Block Maez Rd.

Assault with a deadly weapon / Aggravated Assault October 16 1300 Block Declovina Street

Breaking & Entering October 14 2000 Block Kiva Road

Latest updates Saturday, Oct 13 2012 

Disorder / Animals 1200 Block Apache Oct 9

Hit & Run 1200 Block Lujan Oct 10

Disorder / Fight 1200 Block Maez Oct 10

Disorder / Animals  1200 Block Maez Oct 10

Illegally Parked Vehicle 1200 Block Maez Oct 11

Robbery 2600 Block Agua Fria Oct 11

October Crime Update Sunday, Oct 7 2012 

Disorderly Conduct 1300 Block Maez October 1

Disorder / Animals Running at Large 1200 Block Gallegos Lane October 1

Disorder / Unlawful use of Telephone 2000 Block Kiva Road October 3

Theft / Larceny 1300 Block Maclovia October 4

Theft From Vehicle 2200 Block Vuelta San Marcos October 4

Disorder / Animals Running at Large 2200 Block Vuelta San Marcos October 6

On Cerrillos Road Between Maez and St. Michaels Drive:

9 incidents including 2 Thefts and 1 Theft of Vehicle.

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WMA Containers Stolen Thursday, Oct 4 2012 

Waste Management Containers stolen in the neighborhood.  Please reply to this post to report if your WMA containers have been stolen.

Monthly Meetings Replaced with Saturday Patrols Monday, Oct 1 2012 

The monthly meetings seem less productive than the Saturday patrols.  We are alternating Saturdays, some mornings, some evenings patrolling and observing the goings on in the “hood”.  We are taking names and numbers and PHOTOS.  If you want to cruise through the Casa Alegre Neighborhood, down into Gallegos lane to get your drugs, your vehicle will be photographed and your license plate will be called in to Dispatch.  The regular folk here are not in the illicit drug trade.  Take your business elsewhere.  We know who you are.  We know about your sales of drugs from your government housing, your car and your bike.  We are taking back our neighborhood from YOU.

Please do not think that you are protected by your day job, your cousin or family member that has a job in on the police force or works for the State or the bank.  Everything is changing.  It is time to make a decision about how important it is for you to throw your life away and hurt others in the process.  If you are an addict, the time has come to face your demons, get help and turn your life around.  The devil is right outside your door with a list of endless promises.  He does not like being denied but he is also blinded by the light of a true life which means you become automatically protected.  Your job is to protect the children growing up in New Mexico, not hurt them by peddling drugs.  Drugs Hurt Kids.  Have a good day.

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