Gate Latch Broken Thursday, May 31 2012 

 Gate latch found broken on Maclovia Street by resident.  Also found in the vicinity was a half full Cherry Pepsi can.  The police were called and responded promptly. The are patroling the Casa Alegre neighborhood on a regular basis however do not let your guard down.  Now is the time to take back our neighborhood!!

At 9:30 am a police officer was detaining a wanderer in the hood who may have been up to no good.  Looking kind of dejected, a 5’5″ male, black clothing, back-pack, black beanie, reading glasses.


Break in’s & unliscensed solicitors in Rancho Vejio neighborhood Thursday, May 31 2012 

A resident in Windmill Ridge reports several auto break-ins that happened last night.  This information is being added to a report at the Sherrif’s Department from last weekend where another auto break-in occurred , with substantial loss, on Chili Line in Windmill Ridge.

Also recdeived were several emails yesterday and another one this morning (I have included it below) about a lot of suspicious activity associated with door-to-door solicitors trying to sell cleaning products.  Several  residents have had conversations with the Sheriff’s Department and have been warned that this type of activity could very possibly be linked to the auto and home break-ins that are starting up again!!!
PLEASE be on ALERT for any suspicious activity going on around your neighborhoods and report it to the Sheriff’s Dept.  (438-3720 ) , LOCK your cars, and tell the door-to-door solicitors that you ARE calling the Sheriff. 
Please pass this information on to your neighbors if they are not receiving Neighborhood Watch ALERTS.  Remember, “A well informed neighborhood is a safe neighborhood”…..thanks everyone for all your emails and support……stay safe!
As you all know the door-to-door solicitors seem to be in town.  They MUST HAVE a City of Santa Fe Business license to be conducting business within the city limits.  We strongly suggest that if any solicitors come to your house and they don’t appear to be legitimate (have no business license, materials, cards, etc.), or just seem suspicious in any way call the Santa Fe Police Dispatch at (505)428-3710 immediately and report them, make sure to include good descriptions (height, build, clothing description, race, etc.) and last know direction of travel.
A good idea that some neighborhood watchers have also brought up is to make an effort to pull your trash containers back up to your house on trash day because some watchers have observed people approaching houses that have the trash containers left out because they think these houses are unoccupied.  
Make sure to lock all of your doors and windows and do not forget to lock your vehicles and make sure that nothing of any value is left out in plain view.

 Make sure to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity, people, or cars (anything or anyone that just seems out of the norm) and report it to the Santa Fe Police by calling dispatch at (505)428-3710.

Grey Mini Van Thursday, May 31 2012 

On Thursday AM, 5-24, a young woman pulled into my driveway in a grey minivan with back window broken, came to the door looking for “Daniel”. She then went to my neighbor on Maclovia Lane (with no car in driveway) & did the same thing. Van license NM 798-RKB.

Fox on the Run Thursday, May 24 2012 

Yesterday (5/23), a healthy and apparently happy fox spent from about 1 pm til 8:30 pm lounging on a wall between Maclovia and Isabel.
Game and Fish were called (starting around 1:30 pm).  They will respond Thursday morning if the fox is still around.
If you see him/her overnight or in the morning, please let Game and Fish know: (505) 827-9376.

Top Offenders & Most Wanted Monday, May 21 2012 

Top Offenders for Burglary and Shoplifting

The individuals listed in the document linked below have been arrested for shoplifting and burglary many times. They are NOT currently wanted by the Police for any crime. The Police advise businesses and residents to look through the Top Offenders list and report suspicious activity by these or any other individuals.

SFPD Top Offenders

Santa Fe Police Department Dispatch (505) 428-3710

Emergencies – Call 911

Most Wanted

The Santa Fe Police Department is asking for your assistance in locating the MOST WANTED criminal suspects shown below. All suspects should be considered armed and dangerous. If you have seen any of these individuals, please contact your local police department immediately. Do not attempt to apprehend or detain any of these individuals by yourself.

Santa Fe Police Department Dispatch (505) 428-3710

and/or Crime Stoppers (505) 955-5050

Callers may remain anonymous, and may receive a cash reward if the suspect is arrested and convicted.

Top Offenders & Most Wanted

Recent Breaking & Entering, Attempted Burgurlay on Declovina Sunday, May 20 2012 

On Saturday, May 12 at 10:40 P.M. on the 1200 Block of Declovina.  Not listed on the New Mexican’s Police Notes so it is believed nothing was taken.

Vehicle related to a Santa Fe murder is located on Gallegos Lane. Sunday, May 20 2012 

A non-described vehicle, which is believed to be related to the shooting death of Juan Soto  was located on Gallegos Lane last Wednesday evening at about 10:30 P.M.  The Shooting occured on or near Bellemah Drive and Monica Lucero Park.

Ryan Dimas later was charged with being at the scene of that homicide.  Another unidentified man related to the homicide was injured and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Below are links to the full story and the crime reports page.

Channel 13 Story One

Channel 13 Story Two

Crime Reports Page

Updates Sunday, May 20 2012 

1) Monthly meeting went smooth and was upbeat.  Next month an email and a website post will precede the meeting in hopes to boost attendance.

2) In the planning: A block pot-luck and a block “garage” sale.

3) Neighborhood observations:

     a) A man on a large motorcycle seen retrieving something from a tree.

     b) A woman awoke a Maclovia Street homeowner at about 2 A.M. seeking “help”.  The police were called.

     c) A rust colored Dodge or Ford, minimal markings, 80’s model, tag KBA-881 seen littering on Rosina Street on Friday, May 19 at about 2 P.M.

Note:  if you are leaving town please consider telling your trusted neighbor(s) and allow them to tell your trusted block capitans and their officers.  We will add a trip by your place to keep an eye out.  It worked perfectly recently when we discovered a removed motion detector while a resident was out-of-town.

Thank you to all who are interested and care to make the “hood” a better place to live in these tough times.

White Van in Nava Ade Saturday, May 19 2012 

Medium sized, newer, white American van with Arizona plates in nava Ade neighborhood.

Yesterday afternoon, two females approaching homeowners offering carpet cleaning.  Once they were asked for I.D. they became rude.  Once they realized they were being watched they scurried away.

Homeowner called police.

Perevious reports indicate that they are casing homes.

Do you like grafitti? Thursday, May 17 2012 

If not please send photo and location of the grafitti you want to be painted over to and we will post the photo and call it in!!

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