From Phone Saturday, Apr 28 2012 

Posting from phone.



Maroon F-150 Friday, Apr 27 2012 

Working, hanging out at Packards.  Verbally assaulted a neighbor… what’s up with that?

Suspicious Activity Wednesday, Apr 25 2012 

Hello all-


The following is an Alert from Casa Solana (similar females have been seen in the Solecito Loop area as well):

We live on S. Luna Circle and earlier this morning we were visited by 2 women on foot.  My partner was approached by these walkers who told him: “We live in the neighborhood and we’re just walking around meeting the neighbors”  my partner was apparently suspicious, because he asked them where they lived, and the response was: “oh, just a couple of blocks away.”  Then apparently one of the women flashed some kind of card with a Red Cross on it and started to ask for a donation. My partner cut her short and said he wasn’t interested.  Rightly or wrongly, the lady became offended and the interaction ended in the lady cursing at my partner.  


I didn’t witness the altercation itself, but I did clearly see the 2 women.  When my partner told me what had happened, it struck me as odd enough behavior that I decided to report it to the SFPD.  I saw the women continue to go door to door down North Luna Circle (toward Alamo), so I’m sure others saw them too.  The first lady (who cursed my partner) was a middle-aged, overweight woman with striking platinum-blonde hair (wig?).  She was wearing a black top and jeans. Both women were wearing flip-flops.  The other was much younger (20’s or maybe late teens), slim, with brown hair up in a kind of bun. She was wearing a brown top and jeans. 


If you see these females or any other suspicious “solicitors” please report them to the Santa Fe Police dispatch non-emergency number, (505)428-3710.  Give the dispatchers the females’ description and direction of travel so they can dispatch   an officer to check them out.  If you have information for the officer and want to be contacted tell dispatch that you want the officer to contact you.  These solicitors must have a City of Santa Fe Business License.


Stay A.W.A.R.E. and Safe-

If You Want to Post instead of Comment Wednesday, Apr 25 2012 

It would be preferred because otherwise I have to post everything and I simply cannot.

To receive the login information and password please send all your vital info, name, address, phone, email address and a DNA sample (just kidding about the DNA sample) to .  I will send back a login and password.

If we had 2 or 3 regular “posters” it would greatly benifit this site.  Also, PICTURES ARE POWERFUL.  I am amazed at how verbose we are by nature but can’t we change?

I actually turn the phone camera ON as I enter the neighborhood.  Have your cameras ready.  If we do I believe that our summer crime rate will significantly decrease.

Comment Post Wednesday, Apr 25 2012 

How do you make a comment that isn’t a response?
My next door neighbor, with me, turned into his drive a week ago and noticed a car parked in the dip, on Osage, by his driveway with a man rummaging in the trunk. He went and got something, like a package out of the back seat, then crossed the street and went toward the mountain up the arroyo. It certainly rang bells for me, so i called the police and reported it with as good a discription as we could give (my neighbor is a retired parole officer) and two patrol cars showed up in a short time. I was amazed, but these two women went up the arroyo and drove to the other end checking then came back to tell us that the man was a city employee checking on the arroyo for the sceduled ditch cleaning and the package held a lot of garbage bags. Everyone seemed happy that we had called that in and it all turned out to be no problem, even though it could have been.

Pictures are Powerful Monday, Apr 23 2012 

Send them with description to and they will be posted!

Grafitti Near Car Wash on Lujana Monday, Apr 23 2012 

 Looks like tagged, covered, tagged.  Lots of small grafitti on signs, posts etc. all over neighborhood.  Would like to be allowed to cover that small stuff ourselves!

Meeting Tonight Monday, Apr 23 2012 

530pm.  Call or Email for location.

Suspicious Activity in Casa Solona Neighborhood Monday, Apr 23 2012 

The Following is a report of some suspicious activety that I recieved from the Casa Solana Neighborhood Watch:

An old blue van stopped in front of my house about 10 minutes ago. It had about 4 people in the back seat and 1 person in the front seat. A young man got out and walked to the house to the left of me then to my house and rang the bell. A friend here saw him and he left right away and went to the house on the other side of me and then went across the street. I was on a business call when he rang the doorbell. When I got off the phone, I went across the street where he was on the porch talking with another neighbor.

He is about 18 to 20 years old, short dark hair, braces, dark/oldish salmon-colored short-sleeved T-shirt. He said he was collecting $ for a college scholarship in Arizona! for sport medicine and that he just graduated from high school. I asked for his ID, which showed a DOB of 1993. His name is Dominic Alexander Diaz and he lives, according to his ID, in Tolleson, AZ.

The program is called Youth Communication Award Scholarship Program. He said his “contest coordinator” dropped him off. His name is Dan and he has phone #s for him and another coordinator, Kealy.

It seems strange that he lives in Arizona and collected all the $ he could there and now is collecting $ in Casa Solana. He was a very nice guy and I let him know that we always need to check identification for solicitors in our neighborhood.

When I reported it to the non-emergency line, they didn’t want the phone numbers of the “contest coordinators” or the details of his address, DOB, etc., just a description of him and the van.

They said they’d send someone out to check this out.

If you see the blue van or others walking the neighborhood collecting money for scholarships, please contact 428-3710, the non-emergency line and report them

If you see these or any other solicitors they must have a Santa Fe Business License and you  should call Santa Fe Police Dispatch at (505)428-3710 to report them.  Make sure to get a good description that includes clothing, direction of travel and any vehicles.
Stay A.W.A.R.E. and Safe

Inexpensive Video Security Sunday, Apr 22 2012 

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