Park Properly Thursday, Mar 29 2012 

This has nothing to do with crime…. However, If we could spread the word on NOT blocking the sidewalks with cars, sticking out of driveways or parked half on the sidewalk.
My mom is paralyzed due to stroke 8 yrs ago. And drives her scooter around the neighborhood.when sidewalk is blocked she has to go in the street. That’s all she needs is to get hit by a car.
and does anyone know who we can call to get our speed bumps(on lujan st) made higher. People speed down my street.


News 13 Thursday, Mar 29 2012 

People approaching kids walking home from school… could not locate link but here is link to channel 13.

Citizents Academy Thursday, Mar 29 2012 

Tonight, 6pm at the SFPD.

BURGLARY Wednesday, Mar 28 2012 

22 Mar 2012

2400 Block MACLOVIA ST


Identifier: 120820184(CFS)

THEFT OF VEHICLE Wednesday, Mar 28 2012 


15 Mar 2012

2400 Block ROSINA ST

Identifier: 120750473(CFS)


Unidentified Car Wednesday, Mar 28 2012 

There is an unidentified green car with no plates parked on the corner of Maclovia and Isabel.  Any info will be appreciated.

Police Update Wednesday, Mar 28 2012 

Hello Everyone-
The following is a warning that I received from Albuquerque and I thought I would pass on in case the sales persons come to the Santa Fe Area.:
Dear Foothills Area Command Neighbors,
It has come to our attention that there is a magazine solicitation ringworking the North East Area Command and the Foothills Area Command in our city.  The fraudulent company is United Circulation, LLC and they are sending out teams of young males and females stating they are selling the magazines to raise funds for their debate team to go to another city or out of the country.
Please do not let these people in your home, do not allow them to use your telephone, do not write them checks or give them money!  These people are not licensed, do not have City of Albuquerque permits to operate and are being aggressive and angry with residents who are not buying their subscriptions.
This is a scam – please call 242-COPS to report this activity if you encounter this type of activity in your neighborhood!  As always CALL 911 if an emergency
If you see these people or anything suspicious please call the Santa Fe Police Dispatch non-emergency number: (505)428-3710 and of course 911 if it is an emergency.
Stay A.W.A.R.E.

Learning Curve Tuesday, Mar 27 2012 

It takes a bit to learn this… hope it works out for our neighborhood.

Female Enigma Tuesday, Mar 27 2012 

Saw a girl last night… the same tall skinny one I’ve seen walking around since I moved here.  She was walking through the parking lot of the Lujan side of these office buildings.  The police were called to check out the area.

From phone Tuesday, Mar 27 2012 

Testing from phone.  Please log in and leave comment.  We should be able to add pics.